Thursday, October 8, 2009

What about older people?

The good news is that according to the Newsletter of Mayo Clinic, the swine flu vaccine targets the H1N1 virus that made its first reported appearance in the United States and Mexico in spring 2009.
This vaccine will be available for the public before the predicted major outbreak in this winter.
But would it be enough for all of us?
"The risk of swine flu infection is lower for people age 65 or older than for younger people. As vaccine supply and demand among younger age groups is being met, the swine flu vaccine will be offered to people over the age of 65."
This is something new for me, quite opposite what was in practice in the past.


rilera said...

Hi Jutka, I work in public health and yes, they are finding that most people over 65 are not getting the H1N1 flu. Check out for the latest info on the H1N1 flu. We are seeing more children and pregnant women getting very sick from this virus.

jutka said...

That's good to know, Robyn, thank you. I'll check on the link.