Friday, October 16, 2009

Jack and Jill

I have a pair of squirrel in my backyard, and I have named them Jack and Jill. I have no idea of their genders, and was assuming that they are a happy playful couple jumping from trees to trees, just like a pair of acrobats. My neighbor has a huge filbert tree by our redwood fence, and the little animals spending quite a time collecting and hiding the nuts.

I was desperately trying to take some pictures of the squirrels, but had not much luck, so I am using the above picture from Wikipedia.

Occasionally I also have a raccoon, who comes to drink from the wide bowl of water I had put out for him for his nightly visits, and he leaves his autograph faithfully in the grass.

Two summers ago I had seen quite a few little brown rabbits too, and even a deer came once to visit my yard. But sorry to say that lately my wildlife got curtailed by the neighboring developers, who is taking bigger and bigger chunks out of the surrounding land. Thank goodness for the flocks of birds that are still around.

And because Halloween is just right around the corner, I have to mention that sometimes a cute little brown bat is hiding in one of my awnings during day times.

I wonder if we are looking forward to a harsh winter.


rilera said...

Wildlife is so much fun to watch! My parents were avid birdwatchers and they passed that on to us kids. We have coyotes near us, but I've yet to see one. I'm glad that you are enjoying the animals.

sat. said...

Kedvesek az amerikai mókusok, bár lehet, hogy csak a fővárosiak. Párnapos ottjártamkor a kezemből szedték ki a kiflit, a lábamra másztak. Nekik is hideg lesz bizonyára a tél. Mi is fagyoskodunk már most is, pedig még el se kezdődött.
Minden jót kívánva üdvözlöm Fölvidékről

jutka said...
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jutka said...

Igen, azt hiszem Tibi, hogy ezek varosi mokusok, de ez a ketto nagyon szep peldany, es felnek tolem.
Szeretettel viszonozom jokivansagait.

jutka said...

How very interesting, Robyn, I had seen only one coyote so far, and it was up in the high mountains.