Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cyber Love

My old friend just sent me this cartoon, and she thinks it is very funny. Even so, lots of people are addicted to the Internet dating and using it as an escape from reality; hoping to find a perfect partner.

Only a few have the chance to actually meet in person, and then only the very few lucky ones are able to transfer the virtual sweetheart from their illusion-based fantasy worlds to the reality. However, I know about one very happy couple - a product of cyber love - who are planning to get married this Fall. They are both Senior Citizens, but not "over the hill yet".

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oregon Sky

On the third day of our unusual heatwave I was hopefully looking up to the sky and saw these beautiful cloud formations.

Cirrocumulus belong to the High Cloud group (5000-13000 m). They are small rounded puffs and usually short-lived. Cirrocumulus is made of ice crystals but include liquid water droplets also.

Sometimes they look like the scales on a fish - a "mackerel" sky that may mean a change in the weather is on its way. And sure enough - to my greatest relief - by the evening our temperature has dropped by 20 degrees.