Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Strange Old Lady Moved In...

My older son drove up from California to visit me for few days and to celebrate my 76th birthday on August 12. He presented me with a beautiful bouquet of summer flowers and I took some pictures for my memory album.

We had a wonderful time regardless of the 96 degree heat outside; he took me out for dinner and watched old movies on videos.

I have received many well wishes through e-mails and phone calls from family and friends, and my day was filled with laughter and happiness. But I got a kick out of a poem that one of my friend has sent me, especially when I'm looking at the above picture. So, here is a portion of the poem:

A very weird thing has happened.
A strange old lady has moved into my house..
I have no idea who she is,
where she came from,
or how she got in.
I certainly did not invite her.
All I know is that one day she wasn't there
and the next day she was.

She is very clever.
She manages to keep out of sight
for the most part,
but whenever I pass a mirror,
I catch a glimpse of her.
And whenever I look in the mirror directly,
to check my appearance,
there she is, hogging the whole thing
and completely obliterating my gorgeous face and body.
This is very rude.
I have tried screaming at her to stop it,
but she just screams back, grimacing horribly.
She is really quite frightening!

Who On Earth Can It Be?


rilera said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jutka! I'm glad you had a wonderful one with your son.

jutka said...

Thank you very much, Robyn. Hope you've a nice summer and it cooled off a bit.

Anonymous said...

Kedves Jutka!

Piliscsabai lapokat bogaraszva jutottam el Onhoz. Azota kicsit sirok. Az eleten, meg az egeszen. Hogy nincsenek veletlenek. Mennyiszer hallottam a MAGUK nevet! Mennyiszer nezegettem a sirt a temetoben. HA jol sejtem, minden nap abban az utcaban megyek el, ahol Onok eltek.
Annyira szivesen irnek Onnek, de nem tudok, mert nem engedi a rendszer. Nem ad ki cimet, ahova irhatnek.
Itt elek Piliscsaban. Majd edesapamnak holnap elmondom mindazt, amit olvastam, es megmutatom az osszes fenykepet!!!annyira erdekel a regi vilag, a regi Piliscsaba. Es annyira orultem, hogy igy megtalaltam Ont.
Remelem, "talalkozunk" majd egyszer.

Oregonban el???
Isten Eltesse odakint sokaig jo egeszsegben! Nagyon ertekelendo a gyonyoru honlap es az, hogy blogot is keszit.

Szeretettel udvozlom Klotildligetrol,
Mullner Eszter

Anonymous said...

Kedves Eszter! Nagyon megorultem kedves sorainak, es miutan nem tudom az email cimet, igy tudok csak valaszolni, remelem megtalalja. A blogom elso oldalan van egy email cimem baloldalt fent, oda nyugodtan irhat: Ez kulonben a honlapom aljan is meg van adva.
Szeretettel udvozlom a viszonthallas remenyeben!

jutka said...

Kicsit tevedtem, a blogom elso oldalan balra kicsit lejjebb ra kell kattintani "view my complete profile", ez hozza be a profile oldalt. Ott a baloldalon van egy doboz "Contacts". Ez hozza be az email cimet amire lehet irni. Szeretettel varom levelet, hogy tudjak en is valaszolni levelben.