Friday, February 13, 2009

WOW! Isn't this something!

One of my friends, who lives in Tacoma, WA, sent me this amazing picture. I have not seen anything like this before and would like to share it with you by quoting the information from her:

"Those are called "lenticular clouds". They are caused when the air-flow is just right; so, when it flows over Mt. Rainier, the air gets pushed upward where it cools and condenses into clouds.

Depending how smooth the flow is, you can get some amazing cloud formations as we have seen so far today."

I am simply fascinated with the ways of Nature.


rilera said...

That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Globeskater said...

Wow this is an amazingly beautiful picture... nature is so surprising!

Loretta said...

I love your beautiful pictures. I could have writen your post of Dec 5, 2008. It says what is in my heart.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed my visit to yours and will be back.